Home Decor Ideas

mix & match

The freshness of the new and modern. The character and charm of the old. Both are equally deserving of a space in your environment. Combining decor and furnishings that complement each other, does not mean it must be equally aged.

Grant more years to your existing furniture by retouching it. Treat each piece accordingly and fix them as required. It’s okay to have some imperfections! Consider as well new items not to opaque these beauties.

Home Mood

dark wood flooring

Dark colored furniture blends on a dark wood floor. A solution is to use pastel colored furniture or placing vibrant colored area rugs to make a contrast. Combining these ideas can create a contemporary look.

Dark colored wood floor with area rug and white furniture.
Home Mood

home mood

Our home should be a restful and inviting place to be. Selecting warm, calming or bright colors can change the environment.

Colour enhances, changes, reveals and establishes the mood of the painting

~ Kiff Holand